What is the Best Water Filter Pitcher?

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Bamboozled by all the water filter pitchers on the market? Wondering which is the best water filter pitcher to buy?

There are literally hundreds of water filter pitchers available, so researching which ones have the best filtering capacity and offer the best value for money, can take both time and effort.

So, if you’re looking to find out which is the best water filter pitcher for the home or office, this page should definitely point you in the right direction.

What is a Water Filter Pitcher?

Water filter pitchers are the most affordable water filters available on the market and can be readily bought online or in high street stores.

They work with replaceable activated carbon filters, which it’s commonly recommended you change on an monthly (or so) basis. The carbon filters work to effectively reduce common contaminants, such as chlorine, from your drinking water. This is a good thing, because it makes the water healthier to drink.

Advantages of a Water Filter Pitcher

Whilst our mains water supplies are strictly controlled, they can still contain carbonate hardness (limescale) or artificially added chlorine or chloramines. This can affect both the taste, smell and appearance of the water. A water filter pitcher can help reduce this.

Generally, you can expect a water filter pitcher to reduce at least:

  • free and bound chlorine content
  • carbonate hardness (calcium and magnesium ions) in the mains water

Many pitchers will also reduce or remove heavy metals such as lead or copper content.

Hot drinks such as tea and coffee have an improved taste when made with water from a filter pitcher, plus using water from a water filter pitcher is also ideal for cooking. Filtered water can even benefit your domestic appliances, such as kettles, helping protect them against limescale build-up.

However, if you want to reduce some of the many other contaminants, which may be present in your domestic water supply, you will need to purchase a more powerful water filter. If you decide to go this route in the future, you might want to check out my Top 10 recommendations for a water filter for a comprehensive choice of some of the best filters on the market.

What is the Best Water Filter Pitcher?

Here are my 5 recommendations for some of the best water filter pitchers on the market. Although, if you invest in a Brita or Pur filter, you won’t go far wrong in my view.

Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

If you want a reliable, low cost pitcher, you really can’t beat a Brita. They are affordable, reliable, easy to use and fit neatly onto any kitchen counter top or inside most modern refrigerators.

The Brita 10 Cup is frequently the best selling pitcher on Amazon.com and offers the advantage over the most basic pitchers of a larger 10 cup capacity. For UK buyers, the 10 Cup is not always available, so I recommend the Marella as an equally good option.

Comes complete with one filter, which can effectively replace 300 standard 16.9 ounce water bottles. BPA free with filter indicator that tells you when to replace the filter.

What does it remove?

Reduces chlorine taste and odour, zinc taste, copper, mercury and cadmium, as well as up to 96.6% of pharmaceuticals. See the Brita site for further details.

MAVEA Elemaris 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

The Mavea is a very popular choice with consumers, offering a unique shape that ensures a consistent flow rate over the life of the filter. The filter contains silver to provide antimicrobial protection* and the extend filter life.

The advanced MAVEA Meter also digitally measures real-time status of filter life against time, volume and water hardness.

BPA free, the Mavea also comes in a range of shades from black to red, should colour be a factor for you. It’s molded feet also prevent against surface scratches and slippage.

What does it remove?

Pesticides, organic impurities, chlorine, heavy metals such as lead and copper.

Pur 7-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

The main advantage of the Pur water filter is it’s claim to remove more contaminants than other leading pitcher brands. So if you want to tackle more than simply chlorine this is a good choice of pitcher.

It removes an average of 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals and is certified to reduce 2X more contaminants than Brita.

It holds seven 8 oz glasses of water and again, offers a compact design that will fit easily in most refrigerators.

What does it remove?

PUR removes chlorine and chlorination by-products, heavy metals (e.g. lead), agricultural pesticides, industrial pollutants, pharmaceuticals and microbial cysts.

CamelBak Relay Pitcher

The CamelBak Relay is another larger 10 cup capacity pitcher.

It’s main advantage over other brands is its dual filter system, which allows it to filter faster than other leading pitchers. The filter also lasts around 4 months, longer than most other brands.

BPA free, the pitcher offers a slim space designing design, which makes it easy to pop into most refrigerator doors.

It also features a spill proof locking lid with filter replacement dial.

Customers seem very happy indeed with this pitcher, with 80% of reviewers on Amazon.com giving it 5 stars. It has only been NSF tested to remove chloramine and chlorine, but since this is the main concern for most people that use a pitcher, this is a good bet if chlorine is what you want to remove, plus you get a faster rate of filtration than other leading pitchers.

What does it remove?

Removes Chloramine, Chlorine (tests show up to 97% removal of chlorine), taste and odor.

The Pur 18 Cup Dispenser

Although not a water filter pitcher in the traditional sense, the Pur 18 Cup Dispenser deserves a mention due it’s great value for money.

If you use a lot of water or have a family, it could be a more suitable option than a smaller pitcher. It holds 18 8-oz cups (1.125 gallons) of water and it’s space conscious design also means it fits snugly on any countertop or inside most refrigerators.best water filter pitcher

What does it remove?

PUR removes chlorine and chlorination by-products, heavy metals (e.g. lead), agricultural pesticides, industrial pollutants, pharmaceuticals and microbial cysts.

NOTE: If you are UK based, the PUR is not always available. The BRITA Optimax Cool Water Filter Jug is an alternative and equally good choice.

The Verdict – What is the Best Water Filter Pitcher?

A water filter pitcher is an extremely cost effective way to reduce pollutants such as chlorine and heavy metals such as lead or copper.

Determining which is the overall best water filter pitcher will depend to some extent on your needs. Brita, Pur and Mavea will all do a stirling job of reducing chlorine and other contaminants, but for me the Camelbak sneaks it with its novel design and faster filtering capacity.

Remember, always, read the small print or product details to check which contaminants a filter removes, so you are clear what you are getting for your money. The recommended filters in this article are in my view 5 of the best water filter pitchers are on the market right now.

If you prefer to use glass over plastic products, why not check out my article on glass water filter jugs?

Happy filtering.



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