Under Sink Water Filters: All You Need To Know

A sink top.

If you’ve ever wondered, ‘what is an under sink water filter’, it’s just that – a type of water filter that is installed under your kitchen sink in order to remove, or reduce, contaminants from your drinking water.

There are many different varieties of under sink water filters available on the market and they’re a popular choice with consumers because they:

  • are usually easy to install
  • fit neatly under the sink
  • are generally affordable
  • filter out a range of key contaminants.

Different varieties of under sink filters are available and should be chosen depending upon your home’s individual needs.

Some of these filters largely just remove bad tastes and smells, created by impurities such as chlorine. Others may reduce or remove lead, bacteria, rust and sediment, bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including pesticides and herbicides.

The more effective under sink water filters use a reverse osmosis, multi-stage filtration process, which usually have a number of cartridges, each one set up to filter a particular type of contaminant.

Whilst these filters are more expensive to buy, you’ll find a good quality one to be more effective than the more basic water filter pitchers and faucet water filters, which generally only employ a one stage carbon filter process.

Advantages of an Under Sink Water Filter

A high quality under sink water filter will utilise a multi-stage filtering process that reduces, or removes, a wide range of impurities, such as fluoride, dirt, rust, parasitic and bacterial contaminants and heavy metals such as copper or lead.

You’ll find that reputable under sink water filters also offers a number of key benefits.

  • good filtration and water flow
  • generally easy to instal
  • filters are fitted under the sink so they don’t take up much space or clutter the worktops
  • generally last longer and are more effective than water filter pitchers, or small faucet water filters, saving you both time and money on cartridge replacements
  • improve both taste and smell of water by filtering impurities such as chlorine.

Under sink water filters can also prove helpful if your plumbing is quite old and joined with lead solder. As they are located right before the tap, under sink water filter systems are able to provide important protection from any leaked lead, which can easily leach into your water supply.

In Summary – What is an Under Sink Water Filter?

You’ll find a great choice of under sink water filter systems available on the market today, which are generally both easy to install and cost effective. If you are not comfortable fitting one yourself, a reputable plumber should be able to fit one for you at a reasonable cost.

High quality, multi stage filtration models remove a wide range of contaminants by way of a filter that is housed under the sink, offering an effective method of filtration that is hidden from view in your kitchen.

When  choosing an under sink water filter, aim to identify which contaminants you wish to remove and match these with the most appropriate under sink water filter. Also look for the NSF, or similar, seal of approval, which indicates the filter has been independently tested.

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