Countertop Water Filters: All You Need To Know


Most people are familiar with the traditional filter pitchers, but what is a countertop water filter and is it the same thing?

Most countertop water filter systems are free standing filters that sit on your kitchen counter, table, or in fact wherever you choose to place it – just like a traditional water filter pitcher.

Whilst a pitcher filter is in effect a countertop water filter, which works well at what it does, they are the most basic of countertop filters.

So if you’re looking for a more powerful and larger capacity water filtering system, a more complex countertop water filter system is one of your best options. Sometimes called gravity fed filters, they generally require little setup and top end models can be extremely powerful at removing a wide range of contaminants. They can even add quite a novel feature to your kitchen.

Driven by gravity to accomplish the filtration, a countertop water filter system can also provide large supplies of water that are readily available for drinking or cooking purposes. They do tend to be slower at filtration but this generally means more effective filterage.

My Top Countertop Water Filter Picks At a Glance

Advantages of a Countertop Water Filter

Countertop water filter systems range from the more basic, larger volume, BRITA countertop filters, which will help filter out chlorine, limescale and some other impurities to probably the best countertop water filter system of all – the gravity-fed drip water filter.

Gravity-fed filters are very efficient at removing:

  • chlorine
  • chlorination by-products
  • fluoride, VOCs, pesticides, particulates and pharmaceutical pollutants.

Gravity-fed filters require no electricity to work, since water is filtered as it drips from the upper to the lower chamber.

Although the water is filtered slower than with other filtration methods, on the whole, slow filtration methods do tend end to be the most effective.

Gravity-fed countertop water filter systems employ carbon block filtration and Berkey is almost certainly both the best known and best regarded manufacturer of this type of filter. Berkey consistently receive glowing reviews from customers and many a number 1 accolade from labs and health magazines and websites.

Countertop water filters such as the Big Berkey also employ ‘candle’ type filters, which can be customised to specific filtration needs, such as flouride removal. Not all municipal water supplies contain fluoride, but it is a notoriously difficult contaminant for filters to effectively reduce or remove.

Other best selling countertop water filter system brands you’ll find on the market are British Berkefeld, Ovopur and Aquasana.

Disadvantages to a Countertop Water Filter

The main drawback to a countertop water filter is the filtering time, as they can take longer to filter the water. However, since this generally means much more effective filterage, its really down to personal preference and lifestyle whether this is actually an issue for you.

Top end countertop water filters have a much larger capacity than a traditional basic filter pitcher, so you simply need to remember to fill the filter regularly to ensure a constant supply of fresh, filtered water on a daily basis.

Bottom Line – Countertop Water Filters

Gravity fed countertop water filters are some of the most effective water filters on the market. Their generally slower rates of filtration mean more effective filterage, plus they are easy to setup.

For a reputable countertop water filter with powerful filtration, I recommend a Big Berkey or the British Berkefeld. They are both highly effective filters and a great investment for your health and the quality of water in your home.



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