The 6 Best Countertop Water Filters That Remove Arsenic in 2023

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Arsenic is a naturally occurring element found in soil, air, and water. In fact, most tap water contains trace amounts of arsenic. However, high levels of arsenic can cause serious health problems including cancer.

Most water filters only filter out bacteria and viruses, but they do nothing to remove arsenic. That’s why it’s important to get a water filter that removes arsenic as well.

I’m going to explain the top 6 best countertop water filters that will remove arsenic from your drinking water. I’ll also explain why these filters are superior to others.

Best Countertop Water Filters That Remove Arsenic

The 6 Best Countertop Water Filters That Remove Arsenic

  1. Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System
  2. Frizzlife Countertop Water Filters That Remove Arsenic
  3. pH Recharge Countertop Glass Water Filter
  4. Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Water Filter
  5. AquaTru – Countertop Water Purification System
  6. SimPure Y7P-W UV Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

1 – Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element found in soil and rocks. However, there are certain types of drinking water sources where high levels of arsenic can occur. These include well water, groundwater, and surface water.

In order to protect yourself against arsenic poisoning, you should consider getting a countertop water filter that removes arsenic. NSF Certified Countertop Water Filters are tested to meet NSF standards for lead and total dissolved solids (TDS), and they come with a lifetime warranty.

Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System, NSF Certified, Tankless RO Water Filter System, Under Sink RO System, TDS Reduction, 400 GPD, Smart LED Faucet, UL Listed Power, FCC Listed, USA Tech

These countertop water filters are integrated designs that allow you to fill a glass of water in just 12 seconds. They also produce less wastewater than traditional faucet-mounted systems. And since they’re built right into your kitchen sink, you won’t have to worry about any leaks or spills.

They also feature automatic flushing, which ensures that the system will be automatically flushed after two hours of continuous operation. Afterward, the system will flush again every 20 seconds until the next cycle starts. You can also manually flush the system whenever you feel necessary.

To keep your family healthy, you should consider getting one of these countertop water filters that remove arsenic.

2 – Frizzlife Countertop Water Filters That Remove Arsenic

This countertop water filter is great because it removes arsenic from tap water. Arsenic is a toxic chemical found naturally in soil and rocks. But it can also be found in certain types of food and water. And if you drink water contaminated with arsenic, it can cause cancer or birth defects.

So if you live in an area where there are high levels of arsenic in the water, then this countertop water filter might be right for you. You don’t even have to worry about buying bottled water anymore since this countertop water filter does a great job of removing arsenic from tap water.

Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System - 600 GPD High Flow, Tankless, Reduce TDS, Compact, Alkaline Mineral PH, 1.5:1 Drain Ratio, USA Tech Support, PD600-TAM3

But before you buy this countertop water filter, you should know that it doesn’t remove lead. Lead is another toxin that can be found in tap water. And although it’s not as dangerous as arsenic, it can still damage your body. So if you live in an environment where there’s lots of lead in the air, then you should probably avoid using this countertop water filter.

Another thing to consider is that this countertop water filter only works with regular tap water. So if you live somewhere where the water comes through pipes made of copper, then you won’t be able to use this countertop water filter since it requires pure water.

If you do decide to purchase this countertop water filter though, then you should definitely take advantage of its lifetime warranty. Because this product is backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee, you can return it within 30 days of receiving it for any reason.

3 – pH Recharge Countertop Glass Water Filter

This is a really cool product because it removes dangerous chemicals from your water. It does this by using a combination of activated carbon and ion exchange resin. These two types of filtering material work together to remove harmful chemicals from your water.

The pH Recharge Countertop Glass Alkaline Water Filters come in a countertop design which means that you don’t have to connect it to any taps or faucets. You just plug it in and start pouring your filtered water right away.

pH Recharge Glass Alkaline Water Filter Dispenser - Countertop Water Filtration System - Alkaline Water Filter Purifier for Home and Offices - High pH, Pure Drinking Water - 8.5 Liters / 2.25 Gallons

These filters are made from high-quality food-grade materials which ensure that they last longer and will be safer to drink.

They are tested for safety and quality assurance.

They are also backed by a brand membership of The WaterQualityAssociation.

So if you’re looking for a way to keep yourself and your family healthier, then this is definitely worth checking out!

4 – Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Water Filter

This product is a big deal because it helps protect our health. It’s made out of high-quality materials and it’s affordable. And it does its job well.

The Big Berkey Water Filter is equipped with powerful Black Berkey elements that remove or dramatically reduce over 200+ typical pollutants found in tap water, including fluoride, arsenic, lead, mercury, nitrate, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, radionuclides, radioactive isotopes, and many others.

The Big Berky Water Filter is made of durable, highly polished stainless steel and can filter water for approximately 1-4 people each daily. No tools, electricity, or piping are needed. Simply pour tap water or untreated river/lake water into the top chamber, and dispense fresh, healthy water through the spout.

Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Elements Provides Clean, Refreshing Water at Home, Camping, RVing, Off-Grid, Emergencies

The Big Berkely Water Filter comes with two Black Berkey Elements, which will add an extra 6,000 gallons of filtration capacity to your system. You can replace these elements after 6,000 gallons, depending on the quality of the incoming water.

Each additional pair of Black Berkeys increases the filtration capacity of your system by an additional 6,000 GPG.

Equipped with powerful Black Berkely Elements, the 2.5-gallon Big Berky Water Filter System removes or drastically reduces over 200+ typical pollutants present in tap water, lakes, and rivers for just pennies per gal…

Read Full Review Here: Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter Review: Worth Buying?

5 – AquaTru – Countertop Water Purification System

This product is great if you’re concerned about the safety of your water. You don’t have to worry about installing plumbing or dealing with any installation issues. All you do is plug it in and start enjoying clean, safe water right away.

Plus, you don’t have to buy bottled water anymore. Instead, you can save tons of money and reduce plastic waste by using this countertop water purifier instead.

Your family will enjoy the fresh taste of filtered water without worrying about harmful chemicals in their water. Plus, there’s no mess involved since you won’t have to deal with dirty pipes or clogged drains.

All you have to do is install the filter and fill it with tap water. Then, simply turn it on and let it work its magic. Afterward, you can enjoy clean, safe water right out of the faucet.

AquaTru - Countertop Water Filtration Purification System with Exclusive 4-Stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology (No Plumbing or Installation Required) | BPA Free

With this countertop water purification system, you can easily change the filters every six months or two years. Just twist off the old filter and replace it with a new one.

There’s no need to call plumbers or installers to fix leaks or drain problems. And you don’t have to spend hours cleaning up spills or fixing broken appliances.

In addition, you don’t have to pay for expensive bottled water. Instead, you can use this countertop water purifying system to save money and reduce plastic waste.

6 – SimPure Y7P-W UV Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

This is a great way to get clean water without spending a lot of money. You don’t even have to install anything. Just plug it in and start enjoying fresh, safe water.

There are many benefits to using this kind of water filtration system. First off, there’s no mess or hassle involved. All you do is plug it in and enjoy clean, filtered water. There’s no need to worry about replacing filters or worrying about how much water you’ve used.

SimPure Y7P-W UV Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Purification System, 4 Stage RO Water Filter, Bottleless Water Dispenser, 4: 1 Pure to Drain, BPA Free (No Installation Required)

Another benefit is that you won’t waste any time or energy trying to find a new water source. Since this water filtration system doesn’t require any installation, you can just plug it in wherever you’d normally store your water.

Finally, since this water filtration unit uses recycled materials, you’re helping the environment. Plus, if you ever decide to upgrade to a newer model, you can simply replace the old one with the new one.

So whether you’re looking for a simple solution to getting clean water or you want to cut down on your carbon footprint, this is a great option.

What is Arsenic, And What Dangers Can It Cause in Drinking Water?

Arsenic is a chemical element that occurs naturally in rocks, minerals, soil, and groundwater. It’s used in a variety of industries, including hardware, glass preparation, and the production of paints, plastics, paper, ammunition, pesticides, and drugs.

Arsenic is considered a human carcinogen, and its presence in drinking water is associated with an increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

In the US, there are approximately 43 million people using private wells, and according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over 3 million Americans consume water contaminated with arsenic levels greater than 10 micrograms per liter (µg/L).

Arsenic exposure may be particularly harmful to children since they tend to ingest more water than adults. Children exposed to high concentrations of arsenic are more likely to develop skin lesions, respiratory problems, and cancers of the bladder, kidney, liver, lung, and stomach.

Arsenic poisoning is preventable through proper treatment of drinking water. However, if left untreated, arsenic can accumulate in the environment and pose health risks to humans and wildlife.

How Does Arsenic Get into Water?

Arsenic is naturally occurring in the environment. It’s found in soil, rocks, air, and water. As a result, there’s no safe level of exposure to arsenic. Even though it’s natural, it still poses health risks if we consume or come into contact with it.

Arsenic is commonly found in groundwater. Groundwater is underground water that flows beneath the Earth’s surface. It comes from precipitation, springs, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Rainwater picks up arsenic as it travels through the soil and eventually makes its way into our homes’ plumbing systems.

In addition to being found in groundwater, arsenic is also used industrially. It serves a number of purposes, including processing glass and alloying metals. Because arsenic is found in nature, it seeps into the soil and into private wells.

As a result, there’s a risk that people living near industrial sites might be exposed to dangerous amounts of arsenic.

People who live near agricultural fields might also be exposed to arsenic. Farmers apply pesticides to crops, which can contaminate nearby waterways.

What are Countertop Water Filters?

A countertop water filter is a great way to keep your drinking water safe and clean. These filters are compact and stylish, so they fit right in with your kitchen or bathroom décor. And since they live on your counter, they have to be small and compact.

There are two main categories of countertop water filters: gravity-fed and fountains. Gravity-fed filters work by letting water flow through a series of layers until it reaches the bottom. Faucet-connected filters let water flow directly out of the tap. Both types of filters are great options if you want to keep your water safe and clean.

Gravity-fed filters are typically smaller and less expensive than faucet-connected ones. But they may not filter out every single contaminant. Some contaminants will pass through the layers of the filter without being filtered out.

Faucet-connected filters are usually larger and more expensive than gravity-fed ones. However, they tend to filter out almost every contaminant. Plus, they give you the option of filtering out specific contaminants, such as chlorine and fluoride.

So whether you prefer gravity-fed or faucet-connected filters, there’s a countertop water filter for you.

Benefits of Countertop Water Filters

Water filtration systems are great for keeping your drinking water clean and safe. But if you live in an area where there’s a risk of lead contamination, then you may want to consider getting a countertop water filter instead of installing a whole-house system.

A countertop water filter offers significant convenience, space-saving, and portability benefits. You can easily install a countertop water filter anywhere in your house, including bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, laundry rooms, and bedrooms. And since they’re small, portable, and easy to maintain, they’re ideal for traveling.

They take up a tiny amount of space, are easy to keep clean, and offer a cost-effective way to filter water either to taste or to purify contaminated water from a suspect source.

So if you’re concerned about the safety of your drinking water, then you should definitely consider getting a countertop filter.


Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Arsenic?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are capable of filtering out arsenic from drinking waters. However, pre-treatment of raw drinking water may also be necessary.

Do Brita Water Filters Remove Arsenic?

As far as Brita is concerned, the popular water filters don’t affect the quality of tap water. However, they aren’t effective at removing arsenic from drinking water either.

Does Carbon Filter Remove Arsenic?

Activated carbon filters will reduce the amount of Arsenic in drinking water from 40 – 70%, anion exchangers will reduce it by 90 – 100%, reverse osmosis will reduce it by 90%, and distillation will remove 98%.

Does Zerowater Filter Out Arsenic?

Yes, Zero Water filters 93 percent arsenic from tap water. The premium five-step ionization changer filtration system removes more contaminants than the two-step filter.

How to Test Your Water for Arsenic?

Testing a water sample is the only reliable method to determine if there is too much arsenic in the water supply. We suggest that water used for drinking and cooking contains less than 10 ppb of arsenic.

How to Remove Arsenic from Water at Home?

Arsenic removal from drinking water may be done using one of two methods: either by boiling the water or filtering it through activated carbon. These processes remove arsenic

Does Boiling Water Remove Arsenic?

You shouldn’t boil your tap or bottled drinking water because boiling them will only cause them to become even more toxic. There are in-house treatments for removing arsenic from your tap or bottled drinking supplies.

Final Thoughts

Arsenic is an element that has been known to cause cancer. It is often found in drinking water sources such as wells and springs. Fortunately, there are several types of countertop water filters available today that can effectively filter out arsenic.

In fact, some of these filters even include features that allow users to monitor the amount of arsenic present in the water. So if you live in an area where arsenic levels are high, then consider investing in a countertop water filter.