Best Refrigerator Water Filter 2023: Top 10 Brands

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Most refrigerators come with built-in water filters. They work well, but they aren’t always 100% effective. That means that sometimes you get bad-tasting tap water.

If you want to make sure you’re drinking clean, fresh water every day, then you should invest in a refrigerator water filter.

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about refrigerator water filters so you can decide whether or not you need one.

In addition, I’ll also share with you my top 10 picks for the best refrigerator water filters available today.

Best Refrigerator Water Filter

Refrigerators Water Filters We Liked The Most

  1. Everydrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Filter
  2. GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter
  3. Frigidaire PureSource Ultra
  4. SAMSUNG Genuine Filter for Refrigerator Water
  5. GE MWF Fridge Water Filter
  6. LG LT1000P – Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter
  7. GE XWFE
  9. Κеnmore 469690 – 2 Pack
  10. Mist Ultra Clarity

1 – Everydrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Filter

Everydrop refrigerator water filters are certified to reduce 99% of Lead and other potentially harmful contaminants. Everydrop filters offer convenient, safe drinking water for you and your entire family.

everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 1, EDR1RXD1, Single-Pack , Purple

To get the best tasting water, replace your everydrop refrigerator water filtration system every 6​mo­nths. You can also keep track of how long your filter lasts using the handy calendar feature on your everydrop refrigerator water filer.

Everydrop refrigerator water filters come with a lifetime warranty. And since they’re made right here in America, you know you’re getting a high-quality product.

2 – GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter

This refrigerator water filter removes five trace pharmaceuticals from tap water. These include ibuprofen, atenolol (a beta-blocker used to treat high blood pressure), progesterone (used to prevent pregnancy), trimethoprim (an antibiotic), and fluoxetine.

These pharmaceuticals are found in tap water due to human activity. Some of these drugs may cause health problems in children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and older adults.

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter | Certified to Reduce Lead, Sulfur, and 50+ Other Impurities | Replace Every 6 Months for Best Results | Pack of 1

So if you’re worried about your family being exposed to harmful chemicals, then you should consider getting this GE refrigerator water filter. It filters out five trace pharmaceuticals from your tap water.

3 – Frigidaire PureSource Ultra

If you’re looking for the best fridge filter, you’ve come to the right place. We carry a wide variety of refrigerator water filters from trusted brands like Pure Source Ultra II. These fridge water filters keep your water safe and taste great.

You’ll find refrigerators water filters in a range of designs including blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, cherry, apple, pear, kiwi, pineapple, and more.

Frigidaire PureSource Ultra Water and Ice Refrigerator Filter, Original, White, 1 Count

We also carry a wide selection of refrigerator water filters from Pure Source Ultra II. Their berry-colored design makes it easy to spot whether or not your filter is genuine. And the Genuine Filters seal ensures that your filter is authentic.

These fridge water filters keep your family safe and healthy. Keep safe, great-tasting water running through your kitchen with refrigerator water filters today!

4 – SAMSUNG Genuine Filter for Refrigerator Water

This fridge water filter is great for keeping your family safe and healthy. It removes over 99% of potentially harmful contaminants from tap water, including chlorine, lead, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and more.

Samsung Genuine DA97-17376B Refrigerator Water Filter, 1-Pack

The filter comes with a built-in magnet, so you can easily attach it to the back of your refrigerator. You won’t be able to tell whether or not it’s an original Samsung product unless you remove the authentication tag. But once you do, you’ll know that it’s genuine.

Shipping Note: Shipping to PO boxes and APO addresses is currently unavailable for this item, due to size and/or weight. We apologize if there may be a delay in shipping for this item.

5 – GE MWF Fridge Water Filter

This GE refrigerator water filter is great if you want to keep your family well-hydrated without spending a fortune. It filters tap water through activated carbon to remove harmful chemicals and heavy metals. You can easily replace the filter cartridge every 6 months or 12 months depending on how frequently you drink water.

The GE SmartWater refrigerator water filter is NSF certified, meaning that it meets strict standards for safety and effectiveness. It removes 99% of chlorine, 98% of taste and odor, 95% of lead, 90% of arsenic, 80% of cadmium, 70% of copper, 60% of chromium, 50% of nickel, 40% of manganese, 30% of iron, 20% of zinc, 10% of fluoride, and 5% of nitrate.

GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filter | Certified to Reduce Lead, Sulfur, and 50+ Other Impurities | Replace Every 6 Months for Best Results | Pack of 1

The GE Smartwater refrigerator water filter is NSFC certified, meaning that it meets stringent standards for safety and effectiveness, and is guaranteed to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for portability.

It removes 99% chlorine, 98% of tastes and odors, 95% of lead and arsenic, 90% of cadmium and chromium, 80% of copper, 70% of nickel, 60% of iron, 50% of manganese and zinc, 40% of fluorides, 30% of magnesium, 20% of calcium, 10% of sodium, and 5% of chloride.

With the GE SmartWater refrigerator water filters, you don’t have to worry about buying bottled water anymore. It’s a safe and affordable way for you and your family to enjoy clean, fresh-tasting water at home.

6 – LG LT1000P – Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter

This water filter is made by genuine OEM manufacturer. You won’t find any cheap knockoffs here! And since it’s made by a reputable company, you know that it’s going to work great.

Water filters remove impurities from the water supply. These impurities include chlorine, lead, iron, copper, manganese, arsenic, mercury, nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, hormones, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and radioactive materials.

LG LT1000P - 6 Month / 200 Gallon Capacity Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter (NSF42, NSF53, and NSF401) ADQ74793501, ADQ75795105, or AGF80300704 , White

These impurities can cause health problems, including cancer, birth defects, and reproductive issues. But regular water filtration helps reduce exposure to these harmful substances.

Replacing your refrigerator water filter is simple. Just follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.


This refrigerator water filter is great if you have a GE refrigerator. It filters out lead, select pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants. You can also use it to remove fluoride from drinking water.

Lead is invisible, tasteless, and odorless when present. But it’s dangerous. It can cause brain damage, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and even death. And it’s found in tap water.

GE XWFE Refrigerator Water Filter | Certified to Reduce Lead, Sulfur, and 50+ Other Impurities | Replace Every 6 Months for Best Results | Pack of 1

So if you have a GE fridge, you should definitely consider getting this refrigerator water filter. It removes lead, select pharmaceuticals (including ibuprofen, Progesterone, Atenolol, Trimethoprim, and Fluoxetine), and other contaminants.

Plus, it reduces 99% of PFOS and PFOA, two harmful chemicals that are used in manufacturing Teflon products. These chemicals are known endocrine disruptors and have been linked to cancer, reproductive disorders, developmental defects, and neurological diseases.

So if you want to keep your family safe, then you should definitely consider buying this refrigerator water filter.


This refrigerator water filter is great for improving the taste of tap water. It uses a combination of activated carbon and coconut shell to remove bad tastes and odors from tap water. You won’t believe how much better the taste of your tap water will be after using this refrigerator water filter.

AQUA CREST 5 Years Capacity - Inline Water Filter for Refrigerator with 1/4-Inch Direct Connect Fittings, Idea for Ice Maker, Refrigerator, Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System

Not only does this refrigerator water filter improve the taste of tap water, but it also improves its overall health benefits. Coconut shell-activated carbon blocks are used to remove harmful chemicals and heavy metals from tap water. Activated carbon filters are known to reduce levels of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, nickel, and zinc in drinking water.

So if you’ve ever had problems with the taste of tap water before, then this refrigerator water filter might be just what you need. It’s simple to install and requires no cutting of pipes. Just connect it directly to your existing faucet and enjoy fresh-tasting tap water again.

9 – Κеnmore 469690 – 2 Pack

This refrigerator water filter is great for those who live in cold climates where ice cubes are used regularly. It helps keep the water clean and free of impurities. You won’t have to worry about getting sick from drinking dirty water anymore.

Replacing your refrigerator water filters every six months is important. But sometimes, you might forget to change them. That’s why we recommend changing them every six months, or more often if water flow slows noticeably after installation.

Κеnmore 469690 Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter(2-Pack)

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing this genuine Kenmore water filter. There are no special tools needed. All you need to do is plug in the water line using the built-in plugs.

This is a Manufacturer replacement part. It may look slightly different from the original part, but it works just fine. And it’s guaranteed to be compatible with your refrigerator.

10 – Mist Ultra Clarity

This refrigerator water filter will give you pure and clean water at the push of a button. You won’t have to worry about paying for bottled water anymore. And if you’ve ever had problems with tap water, then you know how important it is to have clean water.

Our refrigerated water filtration system uses a high-quality carbon filter made from a unique coconut husk. The porous structure provides excellent absorption and reliable protection against substances that shouldn’t be in drinking water.

Mist Ultra Clarity Replacement Compatible With: Bosch Ultra Clarity, 644845, 9000077104, 9000194412, Haier 0060820860, 0060218744, Miele KWF1000 Refrigerator Water Filter, 2 Pack

With our filter, the useful mineral and fluoride remain in the water while the bad particles are filtered out, giving you the best water possible.

We test and certify our filters to ensure that they meet NSF International’s stringent standards.

What is Refrigerator Water Filter?

Refrigerators are great appliances that keep food fresh and cold. But did you know that refrigerators also have built-in water filters? That means that you don’t have to worry about buying a separate refrigerator water filter. All you have to do is connect the fridge to the water line and let the filter work its magic.

These filters are usually installed on the back of the fridge and connected to the water line. You can buy a variety of refrigerator water filters that range in size and capacity.

While they may be different, all refrigerator water filters serve the same purpose. They remove chlorine from the water before it enters the refrigerator. And because they remove all those contaminants and bacteria from the water, they also improve the water’s taste and smell.

As such, you can safely enjoy a refreshing beverage without worrying about getting sick or contaminated.

Do remember to change the filter regularly though. You might contam­inate your clean drinking water if you don’t filter out the lead from your pipes

How Do Refrigerator Water Filters Work?

Refrigerator water filters work by removing large particles and contaminants from tap water before it enters the refrigerator. These filters are typically placed inside the refrigerator itself, where they remove chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful substances from the water.

After the physical filter, the remaining water is further filtered through activated carbon. Activated carbon is a porous substance that removes impurities from the water. It does this by reacting with the microscopic particulates and chemicals in the water.

Once the water passes through the activated carbon, it becomes safe and clean drinking water that is free of harmful chemicals.

Sometimes an extra filtering layer is added to further filter out any unwanted chemicals from the water. This helps to increase the quality of your final drinking water.

Advantages of Refrigerator Water Filters

Refrigerators come with built-in water filters, which remove impurities from tap water before it enters the refrigerator. But if you don’t have a refrigerator, you can still enjoy the benefits of refrigerated water. You just need to buy a refrigerator water filter.

Filtering water helps keep your family healthy. Chlorine and other chemicals found in the municipal water supply can cause health issues. And drinking unfiltered water can also pose risks to your family’s health.

A refrigerator water filter removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other toxins from tap water. That means you won’t have to worry about getting sick from consuming contaminated water.

Also, drinking filtered water gives you and your family the opportunity to drink plenty of water. There’s no reason why you should limit yourself to only two glasses per day. Instead, you can easily satisfy your thirst by simply reaching for the refrigerator water dispenser.

Your family will also benefit from drinking filtered water because it reduces the risk of developing diseases. Studies show that children who drink unfiltered water are more prone to asthma attacks and ear infections.

In addition, drinking filtered water improves your overall health. Research shows that drinking unfiltered water increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

So, if you want to stay healthy, drink filtered water instead of bottled water.

Disadvantages of Refrigerator Water Filters

There are disadvantages to owning a refrigerator water filter. One disadvantage is that it can be expensive. Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t work well with your kitchen sink. And finally, there’s the issue of affecting water pressure.

A refrigerator water filter won’t work well if you use it on the kitchen sink. Instead, you should use it on the fridge’s water dispenser. This will give you the benefits of filtering out bacteria and chemicals without affecting water pressure.

Another downside to using a refrigerator water filter is that it can be difficult to change. Most filters require you to remove the entire unit from the fridge. This makes changing the filter a bit tricky. But if you’re careful, you can avoid damaging the unit.

Finally, there’s the issue with water pressure. Some filters reduce water flow enough to cause issues with water pressure. If you experience reduced water pressure, try switching off the filter for a day or two until the problem goes away.


What Do Refrigerator Water Filters Filter Out?

A refrigerator filter will not only remove chlorine and heavy metals from tap waters, but it will also remove fluorides, nitrates, parasites, bacteria, and even dirt and rusty particles picked up during transport through old pipes.

Do Refrigerator Water Filters Remove Chlorine?

Typically, refrigerator filter systems are designed to eliminate three main contaminants: lead, chlorine, and VOCs. Some are able to filter out cysts and chloramines as well. Most refrigerator filter systems have a rating of approximately 20, so small contaminants aren’t eliminated by these types of devices.

What Can’t Refrigerator Filters Remove?

Refrigerators can filter out some harmful chemicals, but they cannot filter out lead, chromium- 6, or other contaminants found in Chicago tap water.

Can an Old Refrigerator Filter Make You Sick?

If you don’t change your refrigerator filter, you might be exposed to harmful bacteria, chemicals, or particles every single day. Bacteria found in your drinking water could cause severe illness or even death if consumed.

How to Recycle Refrigerator Water Filters?

Place water filters, fridge filters, and similar purifiers into your black cart as trash. Some manufacturers may take back their products for recycling. Contact the manufacturer of your filterer to find out how to return your product.

How Long Do Refrigerator Water Filters Last?

Water filters for refrigerators are one of the best and most cost-effective methods to ensure your family is consuming clean, fresh-tasting water, but they must be replaced every 6 months.

Final Word

The refrigerator water filter market has been growing rapidly since its inception. This growth is due to consumers’ desire to protect themselves from harmful contaminants in tap water.

In fact, according to the EPA, nearly half of Americans drink contaminated water. Fortunately, there are now several options available to choose from when purchasing a refrigerator water filter.

However, choosing the right option requires careful consideration. Here are some tips to help you decide what kind of refrigerator water filter is right for you.