Water Filters for Refrigerators: Inbuilt & Free Standing Options

Inbuilt Water Filters for Refrigerators

Many modern refrigerators, especially the larger double door models, now come with a water filter built into the refrigerator. This supplies a constant supply of chilled, filtered water from a water dispenser, which is usually positioned within the front of the fridge.

Depending on the model, the filter will effectively reduce or remove a range of chemical and biological pollutants from the water, including the taste and smell of chlorine. Check individual filter details for more information on specific contaminants reduced or removed.

It is important to regularly change water filters for refrigerators or you risk overloading the carbon activated filters with contaminants, which will then seep into your drinking water again. The filters can also prolong the life of your refrigerator too.

Filters generally require changing every 6 months or so (check your user manual for details or watch out for the filter light, if you have one, to turn red).

It’s usually really simple to replace water filters for refrigerators in a few simple steps – refer to your user manual or check your supplier’s website if you are not sure what to do or where your filter cartridge sits within your fridge. You’ll also often find video clips on YouTube from manufacturers, offering a quick, visual guide to replacing refrigerator filters on particular models.

Some of the best selling brand of water filters for refrigerators are:

Free Standing Water Filters for Refrigerators

If you don’t have a water filter built into your refrigerator, there are still a number of options available.

The traditional water pitcher filters will fit into many refrigerators, or if you would rather ditch the plastic, try a glass water filter jug – again, these will fit into many refrigerators, especially if there is a dedicated area designed for bottles or taller free-standing objects.

Another option is to use a Binchotan Charcoal water filter – these are actually really easy to make yourself too if you have a spare jug lying around and buy a stick or 2 of Binchotan charcoal.