5 Best Water Filter Pitchers for Hard Water in 2023

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Are you drinking clean water? Are you sure what’s flowing out of your faucet is safe? Even if there isn’t any noticeable discoloration, you could be drinking hard water without even knowing!

Most municipalities use chlorine to treat their water but high levels of iron and limestone can affect the taste, especially in towns with many iron-loving bacteria. If that sounds like where you live, then it might be time for a water filter pitcher.

In this article, I’ll explore the 5 best options for a water filter pitcher to remove hard minerals from your water and finally have good-tasting water every time you quench your thirst.

The 5 best water filter pitchers for hard water

  1. Epic Nano Hard Water Filter Pitcher
  2. Nakii Water Filter Pitcher For Hard Water
  3. Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
  4. Reshape Water 10- Cup Pitcher
  5. Pitcher Of Life – Filter Jug

Reviews of the 5 best water filter pitchers for hard water

1 – Epic Nano Hard Water Filter Pitcher

The Epic Nano Hard Water Filter Pitcher is your answer to clean, extraordinary water. It gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that what you and your family drink are safe and free from contaminants like bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium, cysts, heavy metals like lead & mercury, pesticides, herbicides, and other potentially harmful materials.

It has been tested by multiple independent labs to guarantee the removal of over 200+ known water contaminants! Plus it also removes fluoride and trace pharmaceuticals as well as volatile organic compounds – something that many competing filter pitchers just can’t do.

It’s easy to use – simply fill it up with ordinary tap water and in no time you will have fresh clean water for drinking and cooking too! With the Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher, you can rest assured that you are providing your family with safe, clean drinking water every day.

2 – Nakii Water Filter Pitcher For Hard Water

Get ready to quench your thirst with pure, clean, and healthy water thanks to Nakii’s Water Filter Pitcher For Hard Water! This filter ensures the complete removal of all detectable contaminants and other harmful particles from your tap water, allowing you to drink without worrying about what might be in it.

The filter is made with Japanese Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) Technology as well as Fully Stable Lifetime Performance technology, which provides the cleanest water possible for each and every use.

In addition to this, there’s also a third generation adsorption material that further purifies the water so you can be sure of only drinking the cleanest H2O available! Trust us – once you try Nakii’s Water Filter Pitcher For Hard Water, you’ll never want anything else!

3 – Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is the ultimate water purifier. With a large 10-cup pitcher, it’s got plenty of capacity to handle your entire family’s water needs. It also comes with two high-quality, easy-to-install filters that provide hygienic and clean water. Plus, it features a timer that measures the life expectancy of the filter and reminds you when it needs to be replaced.

On top of this, you can rely on this filter to remove Fluoride, chlorine, lead, dirt, harmful metals, and other substances from your drinking water. It also defeats peculiar odors so you can enjoy refreshingly clean and healthy drinking water without any weird tastes or smells.

Not only is it more economical than buying bottled water, but it also helps reduce the plastic waste in our oceans while providing pH value increases of up to 0.5 to 2 or more! And with its simple oval outline that easily fits into most fridges, ergonomic handle design for easy assembly/disassembly as well as smooth unclogged water flow – this is truly one of the best filter pitchers available today.

You can rest assured knowing that all purchases are backed by our 24/7 online customer service and 18 monthly after-sales service with a full amount refund within 30 days starting from the purchase date – so you know you’re getting quality and satisfaction from us!

4 – Reshape Water 10- Cup Pitcher

The Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher is a great choice for those looking to purify hard water. These filters cost 25% – 33% less than comparable pitchers and last up to 75 days, filtering at least 300 liters of water. Certified by SGS and BPA free, they remove or reduce chlorine, fluoride, lead, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) quickly and effectively. Utilizing FIR Balls, Ion Exchange Resins, Activated Carbon, Negative Potential Particles, and minerals, these filter alkalizes tap water in minutes.

Not to mention this powerful pitcher also helps raise pH levels with healthy alkalizing minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, and Sodium – making it perfect for softening hard water for easier absorption as well as lowering Oxidation Reduction Potential.

All this goodness fits conveniently into your refrigerator or kitchen counter with its commercial grade thick ABS plastic construction – tough enough to withstand regular use while still being easy to clean!

5 – Pitcher Of Life – Filter Jug

The Pitcher of Life Filter Jug is the perfect solution for hard water. This revolutionary product helps to create an 8.5 to 9.5 pH with a 2 liter filter capacity that removes heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants while adding calcium, magnesium, and potassium minerals.

What sets it apart from other filters is its long lasting filter – good for 40 gallons or 60 days – and its super jumbo cartridge can pour up to 2536 cups of water with one single filter! Plus, we use only the highest quality materials making this product reliable and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Thanks to the Pitcher of Life Filter Jug, you can easily get the benefits of cleaner and purer drinking water without any hassle. Enjoy tastier drinking water with additional health benefits that come along in your daily life.

What is hard water and what kind of water filter pitcher is best suited for it?

Hard water is a water source with high concentrations of minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium. These minerals can be easily identified through hard water’s tactile residue and its cloudiness – making it seem less than ‘crystal clear’.

The USGS states that some areas are known for their especially hard water. In particular, New York’s citizens benefit greatly from the purchase of filtration systems with harder mineral filtration in mind.

If you do have hard water, a great solution for your household needs is the Nano Pitcher by Pure. It was designed to filter out unwanted particles such as bacteria, viruses, cysts, and excess sediment from your drinking water. The nanofiber wrap on the Nano filter creates an extra layer of protection that scrubs away unpleasantness before you take a drink.

Plus, if you later switch over to using our other pitcher, the Pure, you can easily interchange filters between both types! So your purification needs can change without having to buy another system!

Do you really need a water filter pitcher for hard water?

When it comes to hard water, a water filter pitcher is often the best way to ensure you receive clean, great-tasting water. While most tap water in the United States is safe for consumption and meets policy makers’ set guidelines, its taste may be affected by some harmless particles that can make drinking unfiltered water quite unappealing.

Having a filter pitcher also gives you peace of mind. By reading your local area’s Consumer Confidence Report, you can identify any contaminants that could potentially impact the quality of your drinking water and then use that information to find a pitcher with the right type of filter for your needs.

Whether you’re searching for improved flavor or just want extra reassurance that your drinking water is safe and healthy, a filter pitcher can provide an easy solution and help keep hard water tasting great.

How does a water filter pitcher work for hard water?

A water filter pitcher is specifically designed to work for hard water, which has a higher concentration of minerals and pollutants than other types of drinking water. These minerals can affect the taste, smell, and safety of the water we drink, so it’s important to have a reliable filtration system in place.

The filter pitcher works by filtering out the undesired contaminants through its filter media, retaining only clean, safe drinking water. It usually contains several layers of activated carbon and other absorbent materials that act like tiny sieves that trap the dirt particles while allowing clean filtered water to pass through. The result is clear, great tasting drinking water with all the necessary minerals intact!

What contaminants should a water filter pitcher remove?

When it comes to choosing a water filter pitcher, it is important to look for one that can effectively rid your drinking water of contaminants. Most pitchers should be able to deal with odorous chemicals like chlorine and make the taste and smell of the water much more pleasant.

However, if you are looking for more thorough protection, there are certain models that can also target heavy metals, pesticides, PFAs, pathogens, and other contaminants. Be sure to read through each product description or website carefully so they clearly state the exact materials their filtering system is intended to remove from your drinking water.

Ultimately, selecting a quality water filter pitcher will go a long way in ensuring you have clean and healthy drinking water free of potentially harmful contaminants.

Do water filter pitchers remove bacteria?

Water filter pitchers do not remove bacteria from your water. While they do a great job at filtering out harmful contaminants such as lead, copper, chlorine, and organic compounds that affect the taste – bacteria is something it cannot handle.

Tap water should already be treated for bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about that when you’re drinking from the tap. However, if you’re still concerned about consuming this water, a standard water filter pitcher isn’t going to help.

If not properly maintained, a water filter can become clogged with grime and bacteria can start breeding in it, posing a risk to the quality of your drinking water. To prevent this from happening, always make sure to change your filter regularly as indicated on the packaging.

How do you clean a water filter pitcher?

To maintain cleanliness, it’s important to regularly replace the filter in your water filter pitcher. Manufacturer recommendation varies, but typically you should replace it after 40 gallons.

In addition to replacing the filter, you need to routinely clean your pitcher. It’s best to rinse out by hand with hot water and soap, making sure to completely rinse away any soap residue before you use your pitcher again!

In addition, most filter pitchers are dishwasher-safe – just be sure to remove the filter first as it should never be exposed directly to washing detergent. By following these simple steps, you can keep your water filter pitcher clean and ready for use at all times!

What to look for when shopping for the best water filter pitcher for hard water

When looking for the best water filtration pitcher for hard water, there are some important aspects to take into account. The filtering ability of the product is paramount; while most brands offer some information on their website, you should look into what each individual filter claims to remove in order to ensure your particular filtration needs are met.

Additionally, style and size play a big role – smaller pitchers save more space but require more refilling; larger pitchers have less hassle but require more counter or fridge space.

Also, think about price – more expensive products will likely remove more contaminants, be sure you are not wasting money by splurging on something that has features your water doesn’t need. Many companies offer special features that can assist you with tracking filter changeovers if you find it difficult to keep up with them yourself.

Lastly, ensure the filter removes heavy metals at a minimum as per EPA recommendations; also check NSF/ANSI standards and understand which contaminants they test for when evaluating different water filters.


Is Brita’s filter good for hard water?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Brita filters contain activated carbon that can reduce some contaminants in your water, but they will not soften hard water.

Does BRITA pitcher remove limescale?

By using a BRITA filter jug, you can effectively reduce the minerals that cause limescale and keep your appliances free from deposits.

Should I filter hard water?

Hard water is not usually a danger to your health, but it could cause bacteria to grow. To improve the quality of your drinking water, you should clean out the pipes, use a water softener, and install a filter for microbial protection.


In conclusion, having the best water filter pitcher for hard water can make a huge difference in how you and your family drink, cook with, and clean with water. Not only does it improve the taste of tap water but it also removes chlorine, lead, and other contaminants that may be lurking in your drinking water supply.

No matter which one you choose, you can rest assured that your filter pitcher will help give you clean, safe drinking water all day long!

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