5 Best Pur Water Filter Replacements in 2023

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Do you own a PUR water filter? It could be an under sink filter, a faucet filter, or another type. Then you know how important it is to change the water filter regularly. A dirty filter won’t remove toxins and isn’t doing its job – plus stinky and bad tasting water can result.

But replacements for your PUR filter can be hard to find, particularly if you don’t want to spend too much. But fear not–I’m here to help!

In this article, I’m going to review the 5 best replacement filters for PUR so that you can have great tasting water right away!

5 best Pur filter replacement

best pur pitcher filter replacement

  1. PUR PLUS Water Pitcher Replacement Filter (Pack of 3)
  2. PUR Water Pitcher Replacement Filter (Pack of 4)

best pur faucet filter replacement

  1. PUR PLUS Mineral Core Faucet Filter Replacement (2 Pack)
  2. AQUA CREST NSF Certified Faucet Filter Replacement for Pur
  3. PUR MaxIon 3- Stage Faucet Mount Filters (7 Pack)

Reviews of the 5 best pur filter replacement

1 – PUR PLUS Water Pitcher Replacement Filter (Pack of 3)

PUR PLUS Water Pitcher Replacement Filter with Lead Reduction is the perfect solution for cleaner, great tasting water. It easily fits in all PUR pitcher and dispenser filtration systems, helping to reduce lead and other contaminants from leaching lead service lines or from lead contained in household plumbing. Each filter provides 40 gallons of filtered water, which typically lasts for two months of use.

What’s more, this filter is WQA certified to reduce 3x more contaminants compared to leading Brita pitcher filters*, making it the number one selling brand among certified lead reducing filters**. With over 30 years of experience, PUR takes water filtration very seriously and will always strive to create innovative technologies that provide superior water quality.

Just remember that while PUR PLUS can reduce lead and other contaminants, it does not filter out microbes -so make sure to drink responsibly!

2 – PUR Water Pitcher Replacement Filter (Pack of 4)

The PUR Water Pitcher Replacement Filter (Pack of 4) is a must-have for any homeowner. While tap water may look clean, it can contain contaminants picked up on its journey through aging pipes, making a filtration system absolutely essential. These filters are certified to reduce 2x more contaminants than Brita** and fit in all PUR pitchers and dispensers. Each filter will provide 40 gallons of filtered water or 1-2 months of typical use.

The PPF900Z water filter replacements are the only filters certified to reduce potentially harmful contaminants found in drinking water. They’ve been tested and certified to reduce substances such as Chlorine, so you can enjoy fresh, great tasting water each time you fill your pitcher. Plus, these replacement filters have been proven to be 2x more effective in reducing pollutants than leading comparable brand pitchers*.

This pack comes with four replacement filters, so you’ll have plenty of clean water for months to come! So don’t forget about the importance of a proper filtration system – stock up on your PUR Water Pitcher Replacement Filters (Pack of 4) now!

3 – PUR PLUS Mineral Core Faucet Filter Replacement (2 Pack)

The PUR PLUS Mineral Core Faucet Filter Replacement is the perfect addition to your PUR system. Not only does it filter out lead and other contaminants from your water, but it uses their Mineral Core technology to filter it over natural minerals, giving it a better taste. Plus, with 100 gallons of filtered water per filter or 3 months of typical use, you can rest assured that you’ll always have clean drinking water.

These filter replacements are NSF and WQA certified to reduce up to 70 contaminants, so you know that when you install them in your system, they will work just as good as the original filters. Be careful when looking for off brands; these may not be tested or certified to filter as effectively as a PUR replacement.

PUR has been developing innovative technologies for superior water filtration for over 30 years and their filters are the number 1 selling brand in faucet filtration**. With a PUR system and their filter replacements, you can trust that life deserves PUR water!

4 – AQUA CREST NSF Certified Faucet Filter Replacement for Pur

The AQUACREST Faucet Filter Replacement for Pur is a great option if you’re looking for an NSF certified filter that’s reliable, efficient, and can easily handle the job. This filter is made with premium natural coconut activated carbon, offering up to 97.2% reduction of chlorine and other contaminants while providing a larger filtration capacity than the original filters.

Plus, thanks to its long-lasting service life, you can enjoy healthy drinking water for up to three months before replacing it!

It also boasts a stronger water flow compared to what traditional filters offer so there’s no waiting for your water to be filtered. And no worries about compatibility either; this filter fits PUR PLUS faucet water filters and is interchangeable with PUR RF-9999 faucet water filters!

It’s the perfect replacement for models PFM100B, PFM450S, FM-3333, and more. So trust AQUACREST Faucet Filter Replacement for Pur – it will provide everything you need from a quality filter at an affordable price!

5 – PUR MaxIon 3- Stage Faucet Mount Filters (7 Pack)

The PUR MaxIon 3- Stage Faucet Mount Filters (7 Pack) is an excellent choice when it comes to filtering your water. Not only do they remove 99% of lead and 96% of mercury, but they also reduce chlorine levels while at the same time infusing natural minerals into the water for superior taste.

This powerful 7 pack system filters quickly and efficiently, providing you with healthier and great tasting water every time you drink from it.

They come pre-assembled – simply install them onto your faucet without tools – so you can easily enjoy all the benefits of these amazing filters in no time. Plus, each one has a life span that lasts up to three months for maximum convenience!

What happens if you don’t change your PUR water filter?

Not changing your PUR water filter on time can have serious consequences. Pollutants such as bacteria, pesticides, lead, fluoride, and many more, can accumulate inside the filter over time. As a result, it will become more difficult for water to pass through the system due to clogging. This decrease in flow can cause reduced water pressure in your pipes.

Without regular changes of filters, you may eventually find yourself with a water supply that is contaminated with the aforementioned pollutants. Not only would this be unsafe for you and your family but it could also lead to major costs for plumbing repairs and potential health risks.

The importance of regularly changing your PUR water filter cannot be understated. Doing so ensures that your home has access to safe drinking water at all times while also protecting against any potential plumbing or health issues that might arise from neglected filters.

How often should you replace PUR filter?

For optimal contaminant removal, it’s recommended to replace your PUR filter every 3 months or after 100 gallons of use. Don’t forget that your Filter Change Light will flash red when it’s time for a new filter, so make sure you check it regularly! This is especially important if you’re using faucet-mounted filters since they need regular filter replacements.

Making sure to replace your PUR filter on a regular basis will keep your water clean and contaminant-free. And of course, this means that you’ll be able to enjoy clean and fresh water anytime! So don’t forget to check your Filter Change Light every 3 months and keep your water free of contaminants with the help of PUR filters.

How often should you replace your PUR faucet filter?

If you’re a user of PUR faucet filters, then you know how important it is to keep your water free from contaminants. To make sure that your filter is working optimally, it’s recommended that you replace it every 3 months or after 100 gallons of use. If you ever see the Filter Change Light blinking red, then you should definitely know that it’s time for a new PUR filter.

Replacing your PUR filters also ensures that impurities are kept away and that the water coming through your faucet remains as clean as possible. So be sure to change out those filters on a regular basis!

How do you change the filter on a PUR water pitcher?

Changing the filter on a PUR water pitcher is easy. All you have to do is twist the old filter counterclockwise, and it will come right off.

Then remove the lid from the pitcher or dispenser, and take out the blue plastic reservoir on top, which is called the pour tray. Once you’ve done this, grab hold of the cylindrical filter that’s located at the bottom and rotate it counterclockwise. This will unhook it from where it’s attached.

And that’s all it takes! Once you’ve removed your old filter, replacing it with a new one is a breeze. So if you have a PUR water pitcher, don’t forget to change those filters regularly for delicious tasting water each and every time!

How long do you run water through a new PUR filter?

When setting up a new PUR filter, it is important to run cold water through it initially for five minutes. This process only needs to be done once – after that, your filter will be ready to use anytime you turn on the faucet.

This procedure of flushing the PUR filter with cold water for five minutes will help ensure its proper functioning and efficient operation. It also guarantees that you are receiving clean, filtered water that meets all relevant safety standards. Once this flushing stage is complete, simply enjoy the crystal-clear taste of your newly filtered water!


Do all PUR filters fit all pitchers?

PUR filters are certified and tested, allowing them to purify up to 40 gallons of water within two months. They are compatible with all PUR pitchers and dispensers. Make sure to use genuine products only.

Is PUR just as good as Brita?

Brita is advantageous in terms of taste, filter lifespan, cost, and pitcher selection. Nevertheless, Pur has the upper hand when it comes to removing contaminants from water as their filters are more effective at getting rid of chemicals than Brita pitchers.

Which tastes better PUR or Brita?

The PUR filter is more efficient at removing contaminants, but our taste and TDS tests showed Brita scored higher. Both Brita and PUR have several pitcher options available.

Is Pur water better than bottled water?

Home water filtration gives you access to pure, high-quality water at 10 times less cost, without the hassle of buying disposable bottles, and with a smaller environmental impact.


In conclusion, the best way to maintain a healthy water supply for your family is by finding a quality filter that works to effectively remove contaminants. After researching and comparing different types of filters, the PUR water filter replacement seems to be the best choice due to its affordability, performance, and convenience.

By regularly replacing this filter and using it on a regular basis, you will ensure your family’s safety with cleaner, better-tasting water every day.

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