Best Personal Water Filter Straw: Why You Need A Lifestraw

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If you’re looking for the best personal water filter straw, my number 1 recommendation is the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter.

The Best Personal Water Filter Straw at a Glance

Product: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Rating: 4.9 stars (out of a possible 5)
Recommended? Yes
Ideal for: Hiking, camping & travel

An award-winning personal filter, designed to provide safe, clean drinking water whenever you need it, the Lifestraw enables you to easily drink water safely from water sources which may be contaminated.

Ideal for hiking & camping, travel, or even emergency situations such as flooding when water sources can become contaminated, the Lifestraw was a previous Time Magazine ‘Best Invention‘ winner and generates high profile press – reasons that serve to help back up why it’s the best selling personal water filter straw on the market.

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What Makes the Lifestraw the Best Personal Water Filter Straw?

LifeStraw filters to 0.2 microns through the use of hollow-fiber membranes, which are small tubes with even smaller pores.

These pores allow water to pass, but prevent contaminants larger than 0.2 microns from flowing through.  As you get closer to 264 gallons (1,000 liters), the pores will eventually become clogged with debris and the flow will stop.

The most advanced, compact, ultralight personal water filter available, the LifeStraw offers a raft of features that has made it the choice of NGOs for worldwide humanitarian relief since 2005. 

7 Benefits of the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter:

  1. contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, meaning no nasty after taste
  2. contains no batteries or no moving parts to break or wear out
  3. provides zero waiting time for your water, as you can drink from your LifeStraw right away, with no need to wait for water to drip or chemicals to act.
  4. features a high flow rate
  5. is extremely lightweight at only 2oz (57g)
  6. filters up to 1000 litres on contaminated water
  7. will not allow water to flow when it reaches capacity.
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What Does the Lifestraw Remove?

The Lifestraw filter:

  • removes a minimum of 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria
  • removes 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites down to 0.2 microns in size, offering an impressive level of filtration, higher in fact than the EPA standard.
  • reduces water turbidity

Note: The Lifestraw does not filter chemicals, salt, viruses, heavy metals or taste. If drinking from water which may have viruses in it (e.g. contaminated by human sewage), pre-treat the with water treatment tablets before using the Lifestraw. Refer to the Lifestraw instruction manual for more information.

How to Use the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Filtering your drinking water with Lifestraw is extremely simple.

You can drink directly from puddles or streams, or scoop water with a water bottle and drink from it using the LifeStraw.

When new, the filter membrane is very dry so you do need to prime it before use. This is easy to do.

Simply uncap the top and bottom caps and insert the base of the straw into the contaminated water, ensuring you keep the mouthpiece dry. Then leave it to sit for 30 seconds. This allows water to seep up the membrane.

Then take 5 quick sucks to get the water flowing. It should take about 3-5 seconds of sucking to start the flow of water through the filter.

When you have finished drinking through your Lifestraw, blow down into the LifeStraw to remove any remaining water, give it a shake and replace the cap. Lifestraw comes with a full user manual to refer to so you can get the most out of it and ensure maximum efficiency.

Lifestraw Supports Clean Water Projects Worldwide

Personally, I always prefer products that has ethical ideals behind them, so it’s also also good to know that for every Lifestraw sold a portion of the sales goes towards supporting clean water projects worldwide.

You can find out more about their clean water programme on their website.

The Verdict – Best Personal Water Filter Straw

Lifestraw comes with a raft of awards and accolades under its belt.

From design & innovation awards to a Time ‘Best Invention’ nod, the Lifestraw has been making waves since 2005. It’s been used by millions around the globe & is the filter chosen by leading NGOs for humanitarian relief worldwide.

Campers, hikers & travellers love it, as it’s great value, easy to use, robust & extremely lightweight. Pop a packet of water purification tablets into your bag & you’ll even be covered for viruses too.

At the end of the day, there’s not really anything negative to say about the Lifestraw, which is why it’s my number 1 recommendation for the best personal water filter straw.

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Lifestraw Personal Water Filter
  • Lifestraw - Value For Money
  • Lifestraw - Ease of Use
  • Lifestraw - Efficiency

The Final Verdict

There’s not really anything negative to say about the Lifestraw in my view, which is why it gets an impressive full marks of 15 out of 15.

How do you find it? Leave a rating below…

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